#Stop the Funeral Music Tribute to Mike Brown


Stop the Funeral Music Tribute to Mike Brown!

With all the turmoil and enmity between the community of Ferguson and Law Enforcement, a message has been released by Record Label Stop the Funeral Music, featuring Dr. Donald Hilliard, Jr., Nucci Reyo, and Firejaws. The message speaks to a community that has lost its trust in a system whose purpose is to protect and serve them. The message is a song called “Hands Up, Guns Down”, and is delivered in the classic Stop the Funeral Music style. The song uplifts, encourages, and unites all races and creeds to put their Hands up in an effort to say Stop the violence, and guns down to say, be at peace.

When asked why Stop the Funeral Music made this song to address this issue, Nucci Reyo responded, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. Donald Hilliard, Jr. also addressed the public immediately stating, “This is the time to make our voices heard…We must “Stop the Funeral”! The lack of immediate transparency in the wake of Mike Brown’s death i.e., not initially releasing the officer’s name, incident report or autopsy report; and still no arrest, makes this case acutely intense!

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