What is STF?

What is it? What does it mean? For international speaker and preacher, Bishop Donald Hilliard Jr., STOP THE FUNERAL is a play, a book, and a movement.

The gun violence in the inner streets and now suburban areas is claiming and has claimed too many young lives. We’ve seen acts of crime against our sons, our daughters, our mothers, our fathers, and even ourselves.

What can be done? What solutions are there? Who can heal our sickened streets? Why is violence so prevalent in our communities.

How can we STOP THE FUNERAL before the guns stop us.

We invite you to read this inspiring book by Bishop Donald Hilliard Jr., and lets do the work to begin to heal our community, and restore order in our homes.

Order your copy of “STOP THE FUNERAL Revised” by Bishop Donald Hilliard Jr. online here:

Stop the Funeral!, Revised is a call to action to rise above the present culture of death and destruction. This revised edition will help resurrect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Bishop Donald Hilliard Jr. makes plain the pathway needed to stop the funeral and recapture the sanity and peace that God wants us to experience. “Stop the Funeral!, Revised combines Scripture and testimonials to empower us to arise in our homes to regain control of our families, arise in our neighborhoods to help those in need, arise in our churches to welcome, encourage, and mentor those who feel lost, and arise on our jobs to reach a hand back and lift someone up. Stop the Funeral! is now also a dynamic and inspirational stage play.

We, as a people of faith, must use the weapons God has provided to fight the forces of evil that have cast a shadow over our lives and buried us in hopelessness, pride, hurt, shame, and fear. At stake is our very future—and the future of our children and youth. Now is the time to ARISE and stop the funeral. —Bishop Donald Hilliard Jr.

Dr. Hilliard lets the air out of every excuse that would hinder our generation from experiencing a powerful resurrection. This book is a manual to the miracle we all need so desperately to see in our lives and the lives of those we love. —Bishop T. D. Jakes Sr., Senior Pastor, The Potter’s House, Dallas, Texas

Bishop Donald Hilliard Jr., in Stop The Funeral!, Revised, reissues his prophetic and profound warning of the deepening disease of violence that chips away at the very fabric of our great nation. Alongside this warning, is the hope that comes from “faith” in God of the impossible, coupled with the hard “work” of mentoring, nurturing, loving, and guiding every child into the greatness in which God has created them.
— Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, President, Skinner Leadership Institute; Co-Chair, National African American Clergy Network

Stop the Funeral! is an anointed alarm clock that is needed to wake families, churches, and communities up from apathy. It is relevant work that will prayerfully encourage us to raise our voices so that we can rescue a generation. Stop the Funeral! is more than a book: it’s a mandate, a mission, and a movement. — Rev. Dharius Daniels, Senior Pastor, Kingdom Church, Ewing, New Jersey

I am personally inspired by this updated and expanded response to an ever-growing problem. I thank God that Donald Hilliard Jr. has committed his life and his ministry to solving the problem of violence and ending the scourge of pain that has gripped our nation. — Rev. Dr. DeForest B. Soaries Jr., Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, Somerset, New Jersey