Why Donate

Where your money goes

o    Help families who have lost a child to violent crimes

  • STF supports and contributes to families who have lost a child to a violent crime.  The loss of a family member due to violence is a tragedy and catches most families off guard, wondering how they will be able to pay for all of the funeral arrangements.  STF provides resources and monetary funds to these families in an effort to help relieve some of the stress involved in burying a love one.

o    Give Today and Support a student

  • STF has been giving scholarships out to pre-college students for over 10 years.  It is held to be true that Higher Education is the road to a better life.  Students who have degrees—two year, four year or postgraduate income is higher and life span is longer.  A college degree is proven to help families out of poverty, and has given communities a hope in creating change.

o    Join our Campaign in Stopping Teen Pregnancy and the Spread of STD’s

  • STF is campaigning to stop teen pregnancies and the spread of STD’s through unprotected sexual activity.  By preventing teen pregnancy and the spread of STD’s, we can reduce many social problems such as poverty, child abuse, father-absence and neglect.
  • Only 38% of teen girls who become pregnant before the age of 18 will graduate with a high school diploma
  • Today, four in 10 sexually active teen girls have had an STD that can cause infertility and even death.

o    Sponsor an Event

  • STF has produced different plays, concerts, and events.  These events encourage and uplift the communities, all while bringing awareness to the need of stopping violence, drugs, teen pregnancy and many more issues that plagues the community.
  • STF sponsorship package is available upon request

How it Benefits You

o    Stop the Funeral is a 501c-3 Organization granted by the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Every dollar given is tax deductible and as a donor, a letter will be provided for tax record keeping.

Questions about your donation? Please email all questions to donate@stopthefuneral.com